Roger truly cares about his clients unlike a lot of lawyers I’ve come across, he goes the extra mile for you and really fights for your best interest. Roger was very much involved in my case and he checked in with me every step of the way to remind me of anything I may need, he even role played the judge to prepare me. Roger is nothing but amazing and if you’re looking for a good lawyer this is 100% your guy.

Nikki Lindsey

Mr. Chien was the lawyer of my case, and finally we won last year. The other party paid me $60,000. After the case, Mr. Chien told me that other lawyers in their law office were not optimistic about my case. Only Mr. Chien felt that I could win, and he even used his own connection to find a retired police officer to help me collect evidence. The victory did not come easily. Now Mr. Chien has his own law office. I definitely support and recommend him as your first choice.

Frank Lin

I had a wonderful experience with Mr. Chien as he assisted my client with a civil demand letter. The letter was so helpful that the next day our tenant paid the whole balance and all late fees. Mr. Chien is very prompt and courteous and very attentive to detail. I highly recommend his services

Howard Ran

Roger Chien was very professional in dealing with my parents’ legal issues. He clearly explained the situation and their options. Roger made sure that my parents were well aware of the situation at all times, and was able to resolve their issue quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend Roger Chien to anyone who needs legal counsel.

Charlie Wu

Not to disrespect other lawyers, but to be honest, sometimes lawyers can be extremely expensive yet unhelpful. However, Roger Chien is the best and most honest lawyer I’ve ever met. His opinion truly comes from a place of altruism in order to help his clients.Thank you Roger from the bottom of my heart!!

Jong Mao

I was represented by Mr. Roger Chien. I had a pretty heavy case and Mr. Chien immediately dove right into it and started his work on my case. I was in frequent contact with him and he came to visit me often. Ultimately, we were able to make a deal and after a very short time at CDCR I am now a free man. Thank you so much to Mr. Roger Chien for all of your outstanding help and continued support.

Joshua Bor

Client meeting, good bro time, follows the rules as to who can come , so far so good.

Sylvia Elias

Free consultation today which rare to find an attorney who will take an hour of their time. Roger was a cop before becoming an attorney and has a lot of insight on domestic situations. He gave feedback and pretty much helped us where we stand with our situation. We truly appreciate his support and will return if things don’t naturally get resolved.


I recently inquired about Mr. Chien’s services. I have been around the court system most of my life, helping and supporting family and friends. So, I don’t say this lightly, but my experience Mr.Chein was the most easy going, he treated me like family. Not just a client. Most of all he got me the results I wanted. Thank you again Mr.Chien! Highly recommend to family and friends.

Megan K

Roger is a Great Lawyer extremely professional and knowledgeable. Needless to say he made a difficult situation a lot easier and I will forever be Thankful! If you need someone to represent you, I would highly recommend Roger Chien.

Celia A