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  • Member, State Bar of California.
  • Member, California Attorneys for Criminal Justice.
  • Member, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.
  • Admitted to the Bar of the United States District Court, Central District of California.
  • Member of American Bar Association.
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  • Law Enforcement Agency/Government (19 Years)
  • District Attorney Senior Investigator/Special Deputy (2005 – 2014)
  • Police Officer/Police Detective/Detention Officer (1995 -2005)
Criminal Defense Attorney & Trial Lawyer and Former Police Detective/District Attorney Investigator

As a former police detective turned defense attorney, I know that a crime scene is always worth a visit.

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In National Headlines

Anaheim man charged with 2 BB-gun shootings on 91 Freeway in Riverside

When Jesse Leal Rodriguez was charged in May in connection to a car-to-car shooting on a Norco street, authorities said they believed he was responsible for at least seven of the estimated 100 freeway BB-gun shootings that terrified Southern California motorists for two months.

That changed at the Riverside County Hall of Justice when the District Attorney’s Office charged him in connection with two shootings that happened on the same day in Riverside as the Norco attack.

Rodriguez, 34, was charged Monday with assault likely to cause great bodily injury and assault with a deadly non-firearm weapon.


Criminal Defense Attorney,
Trial Lawyer &
Former Detective.